Being Corona Positive

The India has been under lockdown. It is about to continue for another two weeks. It may and should continue further. 

The asynchronized work pattern and presence of kids add another dimension to it. Since kids are more prone to go out in evening and all of a sudden all their 'freedom' is curtailed, they become cranky. At such a time apart from such crankiness, we are subjected to many negative news on electronic media and social media too. Wih all this going around, it becomes difficult to remain positive.

Having said that, remaining home is more positive than going out for sure. 

So, how to maintain our inner positivity, which manifests itself in our behavior and our outlook. 

I have employed simple methods for it:

News? What's that?

Unless it does not create sensation, it does not become news, whether be it electronic media or social one. On top of it, people love speaking numbers and keep count of COVID19 infection cout at their fingertips, or should I say tips of the lips. 

I wish we all would have remembered our lessons at schools and colleges with the same vigor. 

I prefer to limit my news channel time. The only channel I watch without any inhibition is DD, which does not know 'how to create drama'. If one has to talk numbers, number of recovered patients, low level of morbidity etc make positive news. If news has to be talked about, there are fun elements like the way police is taking care of those violating the lockdown could send some laughter to the ribs.

It's kids time

Throughout the year, we keep on talking about not getting enough quality time with kids. So, when we got it aplenty, why to crib. I would rather spend it playing with then: UNO, Chess, Carom, some board games are good way to keep kids away from video games on computer or mobile screen.

At my home, my kids are enjoying the unabated time they have received from parents. It helps us ensuring they do not venture out,though we do see some kids playing in our apartment complex and that must be alluring for the kids. Thankfully our approach has worked till now.

Television - eh like old times

Lockdown means shooting for new episodes of soap opera would have stopped (that's an assumption I am making). Locked at home, no new episodes of favorite operas being telecasted could have onset difficult time. However, thankfully, DD started Ramayana and Mahabharata, which are not mere epics, they have many sweet childhood memories associated with it and when we watch these programs, we remember the old time when television was not a household item and how whole colony used to congregate to watch the saga. Our kids may not completely relate to the quality of cinematography etc, but we found it a good time to let them witness the saga from our past Having heard stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata earlier from me and my parents, they were already tuned to the characters and story. And who does not love a good story. Here we are being offered 2 at a time. .  

Apart from these, there are some good ones on Netflix, Amazon prime etc too. 

Learn something new

I have enrolled my kids into online Spanish classes. learning new things keep them excited and helps us divert their attention too. Hope by the timelockdown ends, my sons will learn enough to speak this language. 

Looking inside

While spending some time with the kids, we have also taken up to help the kids look inside. While my wife helps them learn and practice Surya Namaskar, I make them sit for mediation.Currently the younger one sits merely for 3-4 minutes but that's good enough to start with. 

Keeping body healthy

Let me confess, I have not followed lockdown verbatim. Though I do not go out of my apartment complex, I get out of my flat. I go down and run within the perimeter of my apartment. In order to ensure social distancing is maintained, I run after sun is up, around 8:30 AM. By that time sun is relatively hot and most of the folks who prefer morning walk or jog would have headed home. I run in sun, which is tiring but gets me vital Vitamin D.That not only helps me keep myself active but also ensures sanity prevails in my mind. Once in a while my kids join me either to run along or cycle along. 

These are some of the things I have implemented to survive lockdown and remain positive at the tiime when falling prey to negativity is the easiest thing to do. 

I am sure all of you would charted out your own plans. But whatever your plans may be, please avoid whatsapp argument and getting overwhelmed with figures and statistics. 

Look for positive things and remain COVID Positive.. 

Stay safe, stay healthy. 

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