Finding Raju Nayak

So the group was formed and the plan switched on. The destination: Rangaswamy bitte.

It was not the first time we were on our way to this summit, at least for Sanjeevi, Vishwamber and me but for others, it was the first time and the stories retold by us had their vigour high. We were on our way by 5 AM. Jay wa driving his Innova and was worried that the vehicle may run out of Diesel. So one task we had taken on us was to direct him to a petrol pump. No worries, the one near Nice Road crossing on Kanakpura road used to be our 'go-to' point all the time we had taken Kanakpura road. But thanks to Indian Govt, the diesel price had been hiked the same night and all the pumps were shut down to reflect the increased price (I wonder why it does not happen when the prices are slashed - not that it happens often)

You can understand the tension in the air when you have only one vehicle, running out of fuel and you are destined to a place away from urbanized human habitat. One pump, after another, was found to be closed for rate revision and the tension was going north. Finally before we left Kanakpura road, we found what we were hunting for - an open petrol bunk and the tank was filled. A full tank, like a full pocket increases the confidence level.

Once we reached near the foothill, we parked at a flat surface and became promenade. Nearer we reached,higher was the enthusiasm. But alas, for our surprise, the trekking path was cordoned off by forest department. Cabling was done around the hill to stop the wild animals like elephant to cross over to civilized world. A board cautioning people in kannada language adorned the barbed area. Though we were unable to read the script, the number 15000/- and sections 20.... were enough to stop us from crossing the line.

A debate on whether to take some other route and go for it or not ensued and finally the netter sense prevailed as no one wanted to be rule breaker. and no one wanted to part with 15,000 or spend even a single night in a police station.

There must be some way out for the trekkers - the thought drove us to find the workaround. And the workaround existed. Some Mr Raju Nayak was to be found and was to be asked for the way forward.

The hunt began for the solution man and some one told us that the person we were looking for lives round the corner. Every house was knocked at and each walking person was stopped in quest for the 'Raju'.

Finally he was found sitting easy at his own door step, enjoying the tea his wife had prepared and oblivious to the fact that he was the most sought after person of the moment.

The solution: Get approval from Bannerghatta officials and based on their approval, the group can venture into the forest reserve and onto the hill.

So finally, we returned without a satisfying trek but with a promising solution. Hope the next time comes up soon.

Heya just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren't loading
correctly. I'm not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
I've tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same results.

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