The Road Saga - The wired world

1. Getting wired is important

In a world, driven by telecommunication needs, wires are very important and these wires travel below the ground. Now you cannot dig under the houses, below the lakes or beneath the metro lines.

So that leaves the poor roads to give way to the diggers. holes are made, unnels are dug and the roads...well, who cares.

The funny part of such digging in Bangalore is: As soon as a new road is built, diggers come rushing as if they forgot to lay down the wires and the fragrance of newly laid roads drives them out of their slumber. They come out with tools in hands, machines in tow and and an order to follow.

And lo! A newly built road, which could have been used for plying vehicles and ferrying passengers faster is no more. Mud comes out and gets spread on the road. Vehicles are restricted to the remains of the road and that too, with mud and slug spread on the road, the drivers and riders have to prove their skills.

Keep Driving....

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