My Journey @ Toast Masters

My Journey with Toast Master should have started long time back. I was impressed by the way Pramoda delivered his speech during my orientation in Oracle. But it got delayed partly due to lethargy and partly due to schedule clash.

Orators is the name of club inside our Oracle premises. The meetings are scheduled for Thursdays 2:45 Pm - 4:00 PM.

I attended the sessions a couple of times and resolved to be regular but alas!!!

Finally it was Jay who persuaded me to be a member and be regular. I started and continued......

Toastmaster journey starts from Project 1 (P1) and once you reach Project 10 (P10), you are certified as 'Competent communicator' but as it is said that the story continues, P10 is not the end but beginning of a new journey: Advanced Communicator Series - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Here I am listing down videos of my speeches, delivered at Orators. some of the videos are missing as they were either not captured or not uploaded on Youtube.

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