P8 - The power paradigm

Visual aids help an audience understand and remember what they hear; they are a valuable tool
for speakers. The most popular visual aid are computer-based visuals, overhead transparencies,
flip charts, whiteboards, and props. The type of visual aid you choose depends on several
factors, including the information you wish to display and the size of the audience. Visuals must
be appropriate for your message and the audience, and be displayed correctly with ease and


  • Select visual aids that are appropriate for your message and the audience.
  • Use visual aids correctly with ease and confidence.

The script:

When I was in school, a topic, very famous for debate was ‘kalam ya ki talwar’ ‘Pen or knife/sword’. This topic had been popular because there were points to be put across on both the sides.

• How many of you feel that pen is mightier than sword?

• How many of you think otherwise? Seems I am in minority, I have always been

I used to support sword, since the historians representing pen had, since ages, been busy to write about the might of sword.

But when I grew up, I found that the topic is irrelevant. As printing took over writing and typing on a PC or a laptop took over using pen to convey the ideas, pen is seldom used.

How many of you remember the last time you wrote a full A4 size paper, if not in an exam?

Neither do I.

Swords, anyway, are the things of past era.

However, I find that, today, the item, which has not really lost all its charm and strength, is paper. Soft copies have become popular but still paper has its own charm. However and as much we want to go green, the charm of paper is yet to vanish.

Though Kindle and soft copies of books are getting in vogue these days, a true book lover would love the smell of fresh pages, the touch of the bulk of book and the feeling of turning pages. Those who love reading books, would agree with me if I say that one of the best ways to spend time is to sit in a chair with a good book in your hands and chances are high that you would miss on your food, sleep and all otherwise essential activities.

For those who prefer to watch movies over reading books, the fact would not have lost that we still have many movies of Thakurs, using one piece of paper. Stamp papers have gained importance long time ago and are not ready to lose it.
This one paper has launched so many Bollywood movies.
Who would forget that the same paper had been the in the eye of storm and a famous scam has been named after this piece of paper.

Now let me tell you about the most important role that the paper plays.
What is the most difficult but yet very important work to perform?

As Nida Fazli has put it

घर से मस्जिद है बहुत दूर यूँ कर लें किसी रोते हुए बच्चे को हँसाया जाए

So to make a crying baby laugh is as good as praying to the God and what a better way to make a child laugh than……..(float the paper plane)

I am sure some of you would have used it in your college days during boring lectures too.

Let me end with a Ghazal sung by Jagjit singh:

ये दौलत भी ले लो, ये शोहरत भी ले लो, भले छीन लो मुझसे मेरी जवानी
मगर मुझको लौटा दो बचपन का सावन, वो कागज की कश्ती वो बारिश का पानी

You may take my wealth, my fame or my youthfulness, but please give me back my childhood, rain water and the paper boat.

This is the paper boat the poet is so passionate about and I do not need to explain what inculcates so much of passion; for all of us have been through it.

All I would say now is, this piece of paper is a symbol of what is the most important part within us, the childlike, the effervescent bubbling ourselves.
Please respect that and take it above both pen the intellect and sword, the physical strength.

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