Travel, among some of other things - including poetry - is dear to me. I love packing my bags and hop onto bus, train, flight but what i enjoy the most is driving my black beauty .

From Scorpio

I have had my share of travel across the globe from far east to the big Apple and to the southern Hemisphere, I feel there are so many places on earth to be explored. The beauty of the places that the mother earth unfolds in front of the deserving eyes is unparalleled.

Here, I would try to capture some of my memories of the places, I have been to. The places, my eyes could witness, the experience my mind could comprehend, whatever my brain could understand and inner soul could feel.

In short - Welcome to see the world through my eyes

I also love to go for it

I also love to go for it after Los Angeles to Yosemite National Park Tour to hve more fun so will make a plan to follow you.

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