Sales Force Automation

The organizations earn their revenues through the process of sale. The process starts from lead generation and ends at revenue generation. During this process, it goes through various phases. Prospect, at one hand is an expected future source of income and at the same time is a current reason of expenditure. What hurts the organization is the event when pipeline goes burst, resulting in loss of prospects and of opportunities to convert prospects into customer. The second setback that the organizations get is from the fact that the sales persons of the organization are not there forever and when they move on, they take away a lot of information with them, resulting in movement of the customer to the competitor.

The uncertainty in this process calls for a robust system, which helps the organization track the sale conversion to take it to closure and make the organization independent of the human resources.

This paper explores the usage of technology to maintain the information of customer and as a facilitator of communication, enabling the organization retain the customers and at the same ensuring reward for sales generation goes to the right person. Examples have been taken from some established financial organization to the upstarts and how the system requirements are different at various levels.

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