Voice of Customer in shaping the future of the organization

The key aspect of marketing is customer segment identification and focusing on them with the solution to their needs. However the main constraint comes in the form of assumptions been made in terms of identification of their needs and appreciating the same with the same passion as the customers themselves.

Tougher than this is to find out means of listening to them and revert to them. In short the objective is to remove the subjectivity of the marketer and at the same time respect the subjectivity of the customers.

The obstacle can be overcome by empowering the customer to bring out their views, concerns and ideas and by becoming objective about the voice of the customer and thereby integrate that voice with the supply chain of the organization.

This paper explores the usage of technology to maintain the information of customer and interact with them to use their point of views to understand them better and to translate that information into a means of serving them better. Some examples have been taken to exemplify how certain companies have actually performed it and with a example of a CRM product, the paper tries to emphasize the way to empower the customer and go through the full cycle of improvement in customer service from pre-sales step to post sales service and use the feedback of the customer to innovate and improvise continuously.

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