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Who let down the plurality

There have been a flurry of boycotts lately. A call to boycott Amir Khan for his visit to Mrs Erdogam to ‘unliking’ movies to boycotting works of movie actors. The latest in the list is Tanishq.

While I have not seen the advertisement, I would not like anything, that promotes pluralism be brought down as our nation is known for its inclusivity, pluralism and respect for all, irrespective of origin, faith and culture.

Playing cat and mouse with China

India and China have recently been face to face across the line of actual control (LAC). After blows were exchanged and brouhaha was made, negotiations started. 

China may have backtracked at certain point but assuming that the worst is behind us will be a blunder. 

Various news are trickling in like

1. Chinese Army build up is still intact on other side of the border. 

2. Indian Army is not letting its guard down

3. US Aircraft carrier is active in South China sea

4. EU, Japan, Australia etc are taking sides

Are we at the threshold of WWIII

History repeats itself, we fail to see the turn of the wheel

More than 75 years ago, a war started, which burnt almost whole of the world. today, we seem to stand at similar junction once again. Lines are being drawn. Sadly, like that time, it is not a straight line this time either. The characters have changed, the geography has changed, the boundaries have been redrawn but the theme remains the same. 

Enemy at the gate

Last some days, there has been a sense of unease at Indo-China border. The two countries at loggerhead is not a good news for the world. A border, which has seen skirmishes now and then had not witnessed a bullet being fired in last 20+ years. But all that changed last night with 3 of Indian Soldiers being dead due to psychiatric sino-attack on our commanding officer of the post. 


Two days ago, on Saturday morning, I received a call. It was related to blood requirement for an old lady. This was not the first blood donation request that I received since lockdown started. However on earlier occasion, I was on fast and could not be of help.

Being Corona Positive

The India has been under lockdown. It is about to continue for another two weeks. It may and should continue further. 

The asynchronized work pattern and presence of kids add another dimension to it. Since kids are more prone to go out in evening and all of a sudden all their 'freedom' is curtailed, they become cranky. At such a time apart from such crankiness, we are subjected to many negative news on electronic media and social media too. Wih all this going around, it becomes difficult to remain positive.

India learning to flex trade muscle

Indian govt, after some mulling over, banned import of refined palm oil. The source country for the product being Malaysia, will see impact on indo-malaysian relationship. 

India imported around 2.5 mn tonnes of palm oil from Malaysia. In 2014, the dollar value of palm oil import from malaysia, for India, was around 2 bn USD, which has gone down in recent years. 

As such expectation was that the volume of import will go north, but geo-political scenario came into play


Driving on  a highway is always fun. Long, uninterrupted stretches of roads; no speed breaker; no population of pedestrians to be aware of and the speed to thrill the senses. Elements of nature's beauty, on both sides of the road, work as dash of spice and the countryside view is like a fresh whiff of aroma. - alas we end up missing most of this aroma and fragrance of spice in a hurry to reach out destination. 

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