A plan went flat

It was after a break of 3 weeks that we got together to scale another height - only to find that half of the team was not available. But the enthusiasts persisted and we went ahead with our planning. Couple of guys chose to sleep with their phones switched off and the number plummeted even further.

The signals were all around to see but we ignored them. The wallet kept on lying on the bed rest while my bottom, which was so much used to the touch of the leather, never sent a signal to the brain and I realized it only after reaching Sanjeevi's place. First time during all such trips, I was feeling sleeping and was behaving like a somnambulist. The effect of the sleep was so much that I went to sleep on the bench kept outside our office building. The coffee, a ritual we follow before starting our journey was missed for no good reason and no explanation at all. Had the coffee not missed, I would have realized that the money bag was stationary at home.

The writings on walls were ignored again and again.

Coffee at Kamat was the reason for our break and it also got us good information on our destination. The petrol pump next to Kamat was used to get some diesel stored in the tank. But it was there only that we realized that the front- right side tyre was forced to lose some air pressure. No problem, I had a spare tyre, which is meant for such times. Moreover what a better thrill than doing something we had never done before. No sooner than the spare tyre was put in place, we realized that it was in a worse situation. No Air inside this one too.

Well, the mechanic shop was in vicinity. The '24 Hrs shop' was closed and we had to wake up the mechanic, who looked at us in sleepy fashion and then took his own sweet time to come to the real world. (But I must say his 'own sweet time' was faster than expected).

Once on his job, his hands knew what they are doing. The flat tyre was diagnosed and no bubble was coming out, which would have ideally meant no puncture, But the experienced eyes of Ramesh (the mechanic) could see the pattern of water flowing over the Tyre and just by the flow of water, he could identify the point of infiltration. He dug deeper and produced a broken nail from inside the tyre. The reason for no bubble was apparent by the penetration. One conquered another to go...

Spare tyre was put to test and he did not even check it. Just a look at the tyre and he knew what the culprit was. The spare tyre was fixed to the bottom of the vehicle, giving inviting dust and mud to stick to the spare tyre. Ramesh kept tyre flat on the ground covering maximum ground it could and poured water on the convergence of rim and the tyre and bubbles came out aplenty. He got into instructive mode and explained to us how the mud has made home between the wheel and the tyre and created a gap, big enough for all the air to escape in due time.

Well, the experience is not in rectifying the error alone but in identifying the fault. Ramesh was really good at that. The praises were flowing from everyone in the team.

But that was the end of forward journey as the Sun was out and getting hotter and we called it a day. The vehicle started back towards Sanjeevi's house, where Bhabhiji had some tasty Idly and Poha prepared for the poor souls.

Itz God's grace that you are able to do the tough part easier.... Yes, I am talking about the penning down the journey exactly.....

Ramesh: Experience @ itz best :)

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