The Road Saga -

Some years ago, I was driving through cubbon park and when I reached Kasturna Road signal, I stopped at the signal. I was taking it easy with good music playing in my car, the windows were rolled down to get some fresh air from the park and I was looking around, observing whats going on in my vicinity.

I noticed a traffic cop walking towards me. In India, a cop walking towards you is not a good sign. On top of it, a traffic cop when you are in your car is definitely a bad omen.It kicked off many different thoughts and possibilities in my mind and I started recollecting where my DL would be, where can I fetch insurance docs and when was the last time I got PUC (pollution Under control) check done.

The policeman walked to my car and instead of asking in a typical police fashion, was very polite and softly asked "Can I get some water?" A traffic police has asked for many things before that - license, documents, legal or not so legal fine but for the first time, I was asked for water by a traffic police guy.

Unfortunately, even I did not have water in my car. I cut a sorry face but then remembered that i have an Orange in the car. I took it out and asked, "Would you like to have some pieces of Orange?" The spark in his eyes told a different story. Many people would have offered many things to him including apologies,

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