The Job seekers conundrum

Yesterday the news of 39 indians been killed by IS in Iraq touched the nation. Lack of sympathy of parliamentarians for those belonging to 'Cattle class' was not new. We, as a nation, have become used to it.

However the question rises, why in world, will someone leave his family behind and go to a war raven area? Why is personal safety so less important? Why is it that people move from the fastest developing economy to a country, which is marred by wars, strife and terrorism?

My father has worked in Saudi arabia for more than 20 years and he was there at the time of Gulf war. He refused to come back to India during the war, afraid that, he may not get a comparable job in India and being a soldier, i his previous role, he claimed not to be afraid of war. But the situation at home was different. We were worried for his life and took a sigh of relief only when the war ended and my father was safe and secure.

The situation in Saudi Arabia was much better than the situation in places like IRaq, Syria etc. But still people go there. It may be called foolhardy but...

Those who go there do not find any better way to sustain their families and to give them a better life. They take a risk, which even they know is huge.

India is not just the fastest developing economy but also a fastest growing nation in terms of Human Capital. Increasing number of hands will increase the productivity but at the same time increasing number of mouths need to be fed and if the increasing number of hands do not get respectable work to be done, feeding the mouth has to take alternate routes like this one.

If India has been developing at 7-8% per annum, where are the jobs which may collaborate with the growth rate? It has been a jobless growth phase that we are braving now.

The situation may become grimmer with the advent of RPA (robotics) and AI( Artificial intelligence). Withe the robots in place to take over repetitive jobs, the workers doing that job over a period of time are going to be hit the more.

Given the socio-politico and economic milieu of India, this conundrum will hit us hard.

A country needs to provide security to its citizen, including job prospect, if it has to be counted among the best in the world. UK grew when it could generate employment for its citizens, both within as well as outside UK. So did USA, Germany, China. India, with growing population and changing technology trends has a more urgent problem at hand. This needs to be catered to with sincerity and innovativeness. If not, we keep on reading the news of deaths of innocent Indians in the hands of IS type organization and the parliamentarians will keep on creating ruckus, as they cannot find a solution.

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