Two days ago, on Saturday morning, I received a call. It was related to blood requirement for an old lady. This was not the first blood donation request that I received since lockdown started. However on earlier occasion, I was on fast and could not be of help.

During the current period of lockdown, it is expected of us to be at home, not venture out and hence most of the people are not keen at going out even to donate blood. At this time, the place where people are more afraid of, than most of others, is a hospital. People are afraid of catching infection from other patients. The fear factor of police plays another important role. 

However for me the case was other way round. An old lady in anemic state of health needed blood and refusing to give blood would have been inhumane.  On top of that, this was an opportunity for me to take my car out, which had not been used for more than a month now. 

The problem with going out is we need a document to prove that our venturing out is out of necessity rather than on whims or to have fun. In case of blood donation, the document s provided by the hospital.

The hard copy of the document was brought by the attendee of the patient and when she reached near my house, she called, providing her location. The location was near my house and I expected her to be the only one around. But to my surprise she told me that there are many vehicles around her. now, at the time of lockdown, it is unexpected to have so many vehicles on the road.but facts, many a times, are highly surprising. 

Even on my way to the hospital, I noticed many vehicles were on the road, despite police barricades at multiple places. Most surprising for me was the fact that a group of policemen were standing at places and vehicles were zippng past them. May be the police was lenient at that time - it being Saturday late morning or may be both the police and public is taking it casually. To take the matter further, there were a bunch of food deliver boys were together, without mask. Generally delivery boys go door to door and we recently had a case of a pizza delivery boy delivering corona virus, unknowingly, to many household. 

Such incidents must be brought under control if we wish to win this battle. 

Bangalore, on its part, has performed reasonably well during this crisis and its COVID count has been significantly low. But if such situation continue, the situation may slip out of our hands. 

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