Are we at the threshold of WWIII

History repeats itself, we fail to see the turn of the wheel

More than 75 years ago, a war started, which burnt almost whole of the world. today, we seem to stand at similar junction once again. Lines are being drawn. Sadly, like that time, it is not a straight line this time either. The characters have changed, the geography has changed, the boundaries have been redrawn but the theme remains the same. 

90 years ago, hitler came to power and expensed his own countrymen merely on the lines of religious faith. He started redrawing boundaries, instilled the pride of racial supremacy, took his fatherland to the zenith of economic development. While he was doing that other world powers danced on his tune and knowing fully well what that rise means for the world, willy-nilly let it happen. slowly boundaries were redrawn by him and the world stood still as a mesmerized wirness till .... 

Economic blackout in the world, known as great depression had drawn the world to a point where survival was the aim. At that time, economic growth of Germany must have come as a reprive to the world. small frotiers must have been sacrificed on the altar of such development and juggernaut would have given a freeway till....

The virus named H1N1 and the flu must have created havoc, taking away many lives. Famines in Russia, Africa and Asia must have brought Hitler to the cult status: there was one leader who not only brought his country out of shame and poverty but had initiated numerous economic development led by engineering wonders and scientific inventions. The world stuck in awe did not pay heed to the scientist and thinkers who fled their fatherland till....

All this because supposed champions of the free world wer busy looting the world, creating famines, crushing revolt and lacking guts to stand up to one person  till they were forced to stand up and take notice. 

Fast forward many years.......

Communist base was formalized in China at the expense of poor chinese citizens. From Tiananmen square to Hong komg, the blood bath continued and the world stood standstill, chosing to be an audience

The dragin cuntry abused all international norms, rules and laws, redrawing boundaries at its whims and fancies, be it Tibet, Uyghur, Taiwan, south China Sea or LAC with India, all such boundaries were crossed and the world was busy receding and redrawing and selling new atlas.

The world watched in awe as the economy of the red statee grew so much that it started buying off other countries, making them its economic fiefdom. China grew to become largest trading partner of almost all big countries - at least in top 3 for almost all economies those mattered. It used the cash surplus to lend money to smaller nations and indebt them to an extend that they are as bad as sold to the middle kingdom.

While all this happenned, the world was happy to get cheap iphones made in china, substandard but dirt ceap electronics from the manufacturing hub of the world. All the ills were either excepted or overlooked for these cheap products. 

The world still struggling to grapple with the pandemic, fiercer than the one it faced in 1920s.At this situation, come countries have stood up to the rogue nation named China but many still have decidded to adopt wait and watch policy. Let us see how long does that happen. 

We, in India have witnessed the insanely ambitiouls regime on our north usurping many of or neighbors and developing sizable base of almost bought over many countries around us.   But this time the Indian leadership does not seem to be in mood to give up. But if we decide to fight, which we definitely will and we should, will it be the beginning of a new world war? 

The wheel of the time is turning. All we nee dto wirness whether the turn of thr wheel will lead us to the next world war or will better sense prevail an dif so, for how long.......The time will provide all such due course of history making.  


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