The first in a series of trips we undertook as a team. It just started with general gup-shup and a plan was finalized to go to the peak behind Nandi Hills.

We started early in morning on Saturday from office. Around 4 AM we gathered at Sanjeevi's place and the two Scorpios were on their way to Skandagiri. Rahul was leading the journey and I was behind him with my vehicle full with sleeping travelers. Driving on almost an empty road is not a pleasure unknown to me due to my shift jobs. Crossing Hebbal, we drove beyond Airport and then the left turn towards Nandi Hills. Just before the hills, we took the divergence towards right and reached a temple located at the base of the hill.

Sanjeevi was a repeating visitor and knew that guides were available to take us to the top and we hired one. The journey started.......

We were full of vigor and all set to reach the top fast but before the heights were scaled, the lungs started feeling the pressure. Even before the real climb started, some of us had started feeling the difficulty. But nonetheless, the journey continued.

The rocks at Skandagiri are slippery and that posed a big problem some times. Many a times we almost slipped but some caution ensured that nothing happens. We were going up charged up and talking with each other. There are some stretches covered by bushes and the dew drops on the leaves brushed us leaving the wet mark on us.

The hill was a fort earlier and hence the top has three layers of walls, which has to be crossed . But before you cross the walls, there are spots to experience the beauty of the mother nature. Climbing up ups the breathing and the heavenly beauty just takes the breath away for a moment. the visuals would stop your feet and the flat surfaces would invite you to lie down and do nothing but to immerse yourself in the ocean of nectar. The person who would remind of further trip seems to be the enemy but the show must go on.

You proceed some more and you would be welcome by the cloud, ready to engulf you within and to take you to a different world. you would be literally walking into the cloud and the visuals around you would dissolve and would be limited to what the clouds let you to.

Crossing the third wall takes you almost to the top. and the walk beyond it is like a stroll in the park with clouds creating a wall around you. If the clouds let you some gap, you can witness Nandi Hills in front of you. Sunrise there is another sight to behold. Once at the top and you have inhaled some of the beauty, a small structure with a slab on top inviting you to take a nap and brush away all the tiredness that seeped in during the journey.

But hold on. Before you would reach there, a shopkeeper would come asking if you would like to feast on Noodles, Tea, Bread-Omelet. Wow to get an offer at such a height after a muscle wrenching sojourn. The simple food seems so salubrious...uhhh...hard to explain.

Here are some of the photographs:

Certain things to keep in mind:

  • While climbing up, we found some bottles lying and were informed that people come up and drink. I find it to be outrageous. Drinking while climbing calls for accident and crushing and throwing bottles definitely adds towards death of the nature. If you are into trekking, I would assume that you are a nature lover. If so, "why this Kolaveri di?"
  • Climbing in night has been witnessed there but I could never find it a good reason why people like to climb at night.,'s risky man.
  • Another thing. If you have to climb, start early else the sun becomes hot and it becomes difficult to climb. If you started climbing, chances are high that you would have had breakfast. Heavy breakfast would make it even more difficult to drag your feet to the top. This is true for all the climbs not this one.
  • Recently there was an accident reported at the top and trekking has been banned as per the latest reports.

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