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Sugar Loaf

Rio is just awesome when it comes to natural beauty. The view of rio is quite charming and having a sneak view of almost whole of teh city from one place - awesome..


or more popularly known as 'Christ the Redeemer'...

Looking forward to Rio

Finally the stage is set for my travel to Rio de Janeiro. I have heard that it is a beautiful city and I certainly look forward to a nice time there.

पुत्र के प्रथम जन्मदिन पर

वर्ष बीतते क्षण ना लगता, पर
इस बीते बरस में मानों
हर क्षण में वर्ष बीता है
जिसके सानिध्य को तरसे मन, बस
उसके चित्र में चित्त अब रीता है

कोमल कुसुम-किसलय-सा था
पिछली बार जब मिले थे हम
आलिंगन में दबाव ना ज्यादा हो
सोच यही रुकते थे दम

Quick Learnings

As anticipated, the work of website building came along with lot of quick learning exercises.

Happy Ashtami

Today is the eighth puja of the 10-days long festival. It happens to be one of the most auspicious days in our calendars, Marked by Fasts followed by many of us.

Just started

Just started creating the content for my website. Lot of things to be learnt.