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they are back

A group of artists has written a letter against mob mentality in India and called India Lynchistan. 

Why is no one surprised?

Because it is like Deja Vu.

Similar set of people have been making noise on India being insecure for Muslims (calling them minority, which they are not - 18-20% of population is not minority) . in 2014-15, before Bihar election, the same lobby was up in arms. The same lobby was up in arms when Delhi elections were round the corner. 

Minding the mandate

An exercise which had been going on for more than 2 months now, has come to conclusion today with declaration of result of Indian general election. 

The mandate this time calls for a re-look.

Taking people for granted

Rulers have a habit of falling into a trap that 'We are the destiny of the nation/state'. This leads to taking people for granted. But this trap finally leads to downfall. 

History or fantasy

Recently watched Manikarnika - the movie supposedly based on the life of Rani Laxmibai. 


All I can say is that film makers must understand the difference between showcasing history vis-a-vis portraying fantasy. All of a sudden Harry Porter started sounding/looking more realistic. 

Mumbai and Marathon

Sunday, 20th January, I was in Mumbai, participating in Mumbai Marathon. While running 42 KMs, multiple thoughts ran through my mind. Apart from the ones to curse myself for registering for the event (my calf muscles were in pain) and checking how many KMs are left, some thoughts were positive too. 

I like the way Mumbai residents come out of their houses to offer Biscuits, Bananas, Oranges, Chocolates, Grapes etc to the runner and insisting that we have it, along with 'a pinch of salt'. A little girl offered me Roti-Jam too.   

Meeting Romeo33

My father was in Indian Navy and since childhood I was fascinated with Warships. I could not make it to the Navy and missed the chance to be on a warship.

In May 2018, while I was in Kochi for a Toastmaster conference, I happen to meet a lieutenant (name withheld on request), staying in the same hotel as us. A casual acquaintance transformed into friendship and an invitation to visit the grand warship of Indian Navy followed. 

The Road Saga -

Some years ago, I was driving through cubbon park and when I reached Kasturna Road signal, I stopped at the signal. I was taking it easy with good music playing in my car, the windows were rolled down to get some fresh air from the park and I was looking around, observing whats going on in my vicinity.

The Road Saga - The wired world

1. Getting wired is important

In a world, driven by telecommunication needs, wires are very important and these wires travel below the ground. Now you cannot dig under the houses, below the lakes or beneath the metro lines.

So that leaves the poor roads to give way to the diggers. holes are made, unnels are dug and the roads...well, who cares.

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